Cloud Economics & Business Cases

Business Transformation - Digitally

Understanding the principles, costs and benefits of cloud computing are not as obvious as traditional IT principles, but the value is easy to see.

Businesses are constantly challenged to deliver information technology services with the greatest value and must determine specifically how cloud services will affect an IT budget and staffing needs. This is where we can help your organisation truly get to grips with this challenge and determine which solutions work best for you, if at all.

We have an established method to help our clients to achieve cost optimisation, ongoing controls and spend transparency that will help manage your costs.

Achieving the ideal state for cloud technology demands more than a fleeting nod to cloud economics – it is part of its fabric.

Business Cases

Using elements of our 8 step strategy process, we can help your organise construct business cases that are relevant to cloud technology that deliver business outcomes.

Cloud business cases differ significantly than traditional ones as the benefits profile is less obvious and direct than traditional ones – but they can be much more compelling when constructed correctly in terms of business value.

This requires experience, and we can offer this to you, to make your organisation successful.

Cloud Economics

CFOs and Finance Directors will always want to have visibility and insight into their spend breakdown and cloud costs are no different.  This is the same for IT managers who want to be able to budget more effectively, without having to change your application architecture.

Cloud allows you move far more quickly than traditional data centre deployments, but sometimes the monthly bill can give an unpleasant shock. Instances are quoted as pennies an hour looks enticing – but at scale, this adds up quickly and it can be .unclear as to what’s running in your environment, who built it, and where to even start digging in.

This is where we can help you.

We will deliver an assessment of where you stand today and a set of meaningful next steps and a plan for the future that shows consideration for your goals and architecture that allows for the optimisation of your cloud spend.

Get in touch and we can discuss your challenges in more detail.